Ekaterina, welcome to Miami. You’ve played here for three years now, you reached the doubles final here last year. Is it a tournament you enjoy coming back to every year?

Yes, I’m really waiting for this tournament, I was waiting to come here from Indian Wells. I like all the atmosphere, Miami, the stadium and I’m really enjoying my time here.

Yes, and back home it’s obviously winter at this moment. This part of the season, playing in the hot weather in the American courts. Is this the part of the season that you enjoy?

Yes. I like when it’s hot, to play my matches. Here it is a little bit humid so sometimes it’s tough because you sweat a lot. But still I like the conditions here.

This is your first year being in the Top 10 in singles. Are you enjoying all the extra attention you receive from fans and from the media? Do you like all that?

Maybe last year I didn’t like that much but now I’m getting used to it and getting positive emotions from this stuff.

Being one of the top seeds of these big tournaments, does it put any extra pressure on you or do you think you thrive onto that pressure?

I’m trying not to think about it a lot. I’m just practicing the same way, doing the same stuff that I used to do. I’m not really thinking – just enjoying my time.

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